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Choosing an Office Chair

How to Choose an Office Chair

Do you leave work every day with nagging lower back pain? Many of us struggle to make it through the work week due to pain caused from low-quality office chairs. The human body is not designed to sit for 8 hours a day, and much of the population has bad posture. Back pain can make it difficult to focus at work and sleep at night. If you want to avoid these problems, it is important you find the right chair.

Consider these factors when searching for a new office chair:


The more adjustable parts included in your chair, the more you can tailor it to your body. Basic chairs may only have adjustable backs and seat height. If you really want to ensure you receive proper support, check for adjustable arm support, seat depth, headrests and lumbar support.


Seat: What is the seat made of? A wooden or thinly padded seat doesn’t offer much support. On the other hand, memory foam and thick cushions will support your body weight to keep you comfortable for longer periods of time.

Arms: Are the arms wooden, plastic, or padded? Softer arm rests will prevent your arms and elbows from growing sore as you work throughout the day.


Do you prefer the classic executive chair or are you considering a modern style? Executive chairs are often made of leather stuffed with cushioning for more comfort. Many newer styles feature a breathable, mesh fabric with a variety of adjustable parts. Ergohuman is known for making some of the highest quality adjustable chairs designed for long periods of sitting.

Once you receive your office chair, make sure it is set up to support your back, shoulders and neck. Adjust the arm width and height to a level that you find comfortable. Your feet should be flat on the ground, and your body should be relaxed. Once your chair is properly assembled, you should find a great deal of relief from the pain that once plagued you each workday.

How Your Office Job is Harming You

You may think your office job is about as safe as it gets. You don’t repair power lines, work with radioactive waste or fish for crabs on Deadliest Catch. However, studies have revealed some frightening facts about your hum-drum office job.

Something in your office is increasing the risks of heart problems, diabetes and cancer. It’s not found in the break room nor the smoking section outside. So what is it?

Your office chair.

The average employee sits for almost six hours at their office. Combined with time spent eating and relaxing, many people spend the majority of the day in a chair. The human body isn’t designed to be so sedentary. Moving around is necessary for proper blood flow and overall health. When we sit for this long, we can reduce blood circulation, lose muscle mass, strain the back and even harm organs.

The effects of too much sitting has been linked conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Heart attacks
  • Mental health problems
  • Cancer
  • Early Death

You may think “I go to the gym multiple times a week. That should offset the negative effects of sitting.” Unfortunately, this is not the case. While everybody should exercise regularly, it does not undo the damage done from spending your whole day in a chair.

So what can I do?

Taking breaks to walk around and stretch is a good idea, but most people either forget or do not walk frequently enough. The best solution to this office ordeal is the stand-up desk.

Like the name suggests, stand-up desks, or standing desks, are designed so you can stand comfortably while you work. Specialized stools are available to prevent your legs and feet from tiring without completely sitting down.

Stand Up Desk Health Benefits

Standing desks have a variety of health benefits. Not only do they reduce the risk of the aforementioned health problems, but they also improve posture, alertness and mental clarity. Employees feel more energized throughout the day, burn calories and increase productivity.

As studies continue to expose the dangers of sitting, stand-up desks are growing in popularity. Office workers across the country are giving them a try and many have sworn off traditional office chairs and desks completely.

Is your Office Job Safe?
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